Team Building

team building


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This workshop involves participant interaction with their colleagues working with parameters beyond those commonly used. Knowing our team mates in this more 
interactive manner develops a more open and dynamic workplace.
Principal Ideas of workshops with participants is to show how Physical theatre, Circus and Dance help and enriches interventions in the physical and mental development in companies that rely on a workforce to make it succeed.
The aim of these techniques help to contribute, build and develop the body to understand co-ordination, stimulation, body awareness, working in groups, tolerance, to
tap into the creativity side of the participant, respect other participants, and build the confidence.



  • Relate to the everyday environment in different ways using all the senses.
  • Learn the practical aspects incorporating body, mind and emotion in a fun manner.
  • Provide a different location for interaction where everybody is equal, sharing through laughing, games and debate.


Expected Outcomes:

  • To Show and share what is a social work by using circus, theatre, and dance art. Being allowed as a social development through expressions, to encourage the communities.
  • Circus is a magical space, for all, where it does not concern colour, culture, age or gender.
  • To show how nothing is impossible.


Requirements for workshops:

  • It is easy to work on a more personal level of no more than 20 participants for each workshop.
  • A hall of 4m high and 10m by 7m is minimum required to work indoors. A sports hall or sports field serves equally well.
  • Workshop material will be supplied.
  • If aerial/circus and more physical team building workshop is chosen the Art of Synergy Venue is suitable and may be booked.


The Workshop does not require specific fitness levels and is suitable for everyone.
Just be ready to play, laugh and learn.


Workshop Details

R200 per person for the Lets Hang office workshop
R300 per person for the Lets Hang Physical workshop (At Art of Synergy Venue)


What to wear: anything comfortable from tracksuits to snugly fit Clothing.


Duration of Workshop: 1:30 - 2:00 Hours


Natalie Roberts
cell: 0768569464