Pole Fitness



Joanna has been doing pole dancing for five years. She began her dancing career in Cape Town in 2011, and a year later moved back to Durban, where she managed a studio and eventually opened her own, called UniQ Fitness.
Joanna started competing not long after starting pole dancing. In 2014 she won the advanced category of Durban’s provincial competition, East Coast Pole, as well as achieving the highest overall score. Later that year she won Pole Theatre 2014 Drama, and was announced overall winner, which gave her automatic entry to Paragon 2015 in Australia. This was her first international competition where she won her category, highest overall score and best choreography. Her prize included the opportunity to teach a workshop at Pole Festival 2015, and the opportunity to go to Los Angeles and train at The Choreography House (owned by Kelly Yvonne).
Joanna also went on to compete in Pole Theatre 2015, where once again she won the Overall and Drama categories, which gave her automatic entry to Pole Theatre World in Prague, 2016.
Joanna trains solo, and has developed her own style in pole dancing. She is a static-pole fanatic, and feels most at home tumbling around the static pole, executing combos that seem to spin and flow around the pole.

Pole classes (mixed levels)

Pole fitness classes will take you through a warm up, some conditioning exercises and various spins/tricks/combos on the pole, according to your level. There is no age limit and no prior level of fitness/dance experience required to start pole. There is also no time limit for how long you need to stay at any given level – progress is dependent on each individual. We offer a stretch class once a week that will help you improve flexibility, which in turn will help your pole work.
Pole fitness is not just one of the best and most fun exercises you will ever do – it will also build your confidence greatly and give you a boost in self-esteem.

Tuesday and Wednesday 18:00 – 19:00

Class fees: 

R380 per month for classes ONCE a week 

R550 per month for classes TWICE a week

R120 for drop in fee

Contact details:

Joanna Pawelczyk
082 553 7594