Burlesque dancing



Nataniel Pires

Nataniel is passionately addicted to dance. Since being a young girl, she has been involved in dancing, from freestyle and Latin American, to belly dancing, and now burlesque dancing. Burlesque dancing allows her to express her inner passion and release the rhythm of her spirit. 

As an instructor, Nataniel has been inspired and motivated by burlesque dancing to dedicate the rest of her dancing days to the women of South Africa.  The greatest achievement for her is to witness the release of her students’ “inner goddesses”, and watch them transform into the beautiful, strong women they are and have always been within.

Burlesque dancing

Forever fit and fabulous! Created from modern dance, we have spiced up your fitness and initiated a daringly sexy, high energy, full-body workout, dance class.

Burlesque Fitness will focus on toning all areas from tip to toe, and shaping your body and confidence for life.

This is by far the most exciting and exhilarating form of fitness, and most definitely the best suited for all women of all ages and all curves.

Tuesday 09:00 – 10:00

Class fees:

R400 per month
R150 for drop in fee