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Classes that aim on introducing aerial circus and movement training for children, ages 6 to 13 allocated accordingly, as an alternative fitness and art.
The classes are orientated within the main areas of the circus based art. These are acrobatics, handstand training, and flexibility, aerial and theatrical art.
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Circus classes are a powerful agent in education, producing knowledge and awareness of the body, self-activated movements, understanding the incorporation of rhythm and movement and promoting interchange of ideas (creativity) and experiences.

Working as a group participants learn about movement and the body,  discipline and concentration, teamwork, social skills and respect for peers.

Classes are aimed for all diversities of children. These non- competitive and non- threatening activities provide children with different choices allowing for enhanced participation and enjoyment within physical based education. This “game” based approach facilitates automatic participation and the learning of new skills. All classes and apparatus are presented along there developmental age group as a "just right challenge", to stimulate and develop autonomy, solidarity, self-esteem, physical fitness, communication and adaptability.

Composition of Classes

The four segments of circus training will be divided to obtain an hours session followed by introduction to flexibility.
Classes may also be changed to allow for more specific work in a workshop format depending on weak areas.

  1. First Segment- Floor work (Awareness of the body: tumbling, acrobatics, stretching)
  2. Second Segment-Contact work (Pyramids, hand in hand, handstands, improvisation)
  3. Third Segment- Aerobatics (Trapeze, Climbing rope and Silk, Liras)
  4. Forth Segment-Combination- (Preparation for acts for Presentation of Sirkids Showcase for parents and friends)

sirkids2A sample Class:

  • Warm up games
  • Group rotation through:
    • Acrobatics (tumbling, contact, pyramids)
    • Skills and routines
    • Handstand
    • Silk training and strengthening
    • Routines on trapeze and lyra
  • Cool down and Stretching
  • Discussion and Feedback.

The core program runs for 10 months of the year, finishing each year with a Sirkids showcase for parents and friends.

Children are instructed in all circus skills but also encouraged to develop their own routines in their favourite areas.



Alessandra Thompson

Alessandra Thompson

Alessandra has been training, competing and performing for the past sixteen years. She started artistic gymnastics at the age of 4 and progressed making the South African Junior National Team at thirteen and the Senior National Team at sixteen. Alessandra has competed in various national and international competitions such as the Rushmoore Rosebowl, Leverkusen, Anadia World Cup and African Championships (placing 1st).
Alessandra joined Art of Synergy in 2016 finding a new passion is circus. Since Joining Art of Synergy, it has opened more performance Ventures for her. She has trained in various aerial techniques and now performs for the company.
Alessandra has and is currently performing with various agents nationally and internationally. She has much skill and knowledge of the performing industry.
She currently runs the Sirkids program every Saturday morning, where she shares her circus passion with the youth.
Besides training, teaching and performing, Alessandra is currently in her second year of studies majoring in psychology and criminology.

Feelings Feedback on Sirkids...

Kayla "I love Sirkids because I can do all kinds of tricks that I never thought I would ever do by myself and now I can do it all"

"I love Sirkids because I have seen Kayla become more flexible. It has helped her dancing and has created a sense of confidence. Most importantly she Loves it. Xxx"


Class Fees

Per month R 500
Drop in Fee R 160


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